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Caleb Williams created Peak Performance Weightlifting with a single goal in mind – To Create Superior Athletes. We are determined to increase your results in any sport. We work exclusively with serious athletes of any age who want results and know that the way to achieve them is through hard, consistent and dedicated work.

Our mission at PPW is to improve athletic performance by turning you into the strongest, fastest and most powerful athlete possible. We also strive to build a well-rounded individual by putting an emphasis on building confidence, mental toughness, and taking responsibility for all aspects of your life.

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The First Step

The first step towards membership at PPW is to schedule a trial period. We are very selective about membership and screen all potential athletes and parents up front. This is a rare opportunity to work in small groups of like minded and motivated individuals.

We work hard to ensure that all or our clients are driven towards success.  Being a part of a team where every person is striving to make themselves better every single day will raise your performance and results to a level you have never achieved before!

During their trial, Potential clients are not screened based on current abilities, age or strength levels. We are looking for people who possess 3 traits:

1.      Desire to be the absolute best you can be

2.      Dedication to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles might arise

3.      Determination to push through the difficult times and finish what you’ve started

If you posses those 3 traits than you have the tools needed for success.


We expect a lot from our members. Much more than others will. If you are looking for an easy ride or a shortcut to success, than this is not the place for you. This is why we produce the results that we do.

 Training can be challenging and there will be times when you need to look to the person next to you for motivation and strength. This requires that everyone who trains together has a single focus. This is why we only accept people who are extremely motivated, respectful of others, and disciplined. This creates a positive and supportive environment in which results are produced and people thrive.

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The secret to success is….There is no secret!

Our Program is not designed around gimmick training and immediate results. Becoming a superior athlete requires long-term development and a properly designed program focused on improving strength, flexibility, technique, explosiveness, speed, power, injury prevention, mental toughness and a whole lot more.

You will lift many weights, perfect your technique, train the correct way, in the correct sequence and then repeat until you achieve your desired results! However, that day never comes because athletes at PPW are never satisfied with yesterday’s results. They are always striving for more and to be their best. So come in with Desire, Dedication and Determination to be great, and we will teach you what you need to reach your performance goals!

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With Caleb on my side I know nothing can stand in my way

-Cameron Bush, Elite Powerlifter and Wrestler 

Caleb has been the key ingredient in my success this season as I won the GA 5A Wrestling State Championships at 189 lb

 - Sam Kuntz, State Champ Wrestler, Rutgers Scholarship Winner

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