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Athlete Training

PPW’s unique and personalized approach to strength and conditioning produces unsurpassed results. Regardless of your gender, age and sport of choice, our goal is to build you into a superior athlete and help you reach levels of performance that you never thought possible. Our balanced approach to training and progression maximizes lean muscle, strength, and explosion regardless of your age. Our athletes also get much faster by lifting the correct way. PPW has produced athletes who accel in High School, College and the Pros.

PPW’s combination of knowledge, training, personal relationships with clients and accountability are unmatched. We have trained hundreds of athletes in the area in wrestling, football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, mma, cross country, swimming, and more!
We require 3 traits from all of our athletes to be accepted into the program.....Desire, Dedication, and Determination.....We will not accept or tolerate anything less than full commitment and dedication. If you have the desire to commit to yourself, your training and the program and become a superior athlete than this is the place for you!
Our staff are experts in everything from strength and conditioning to flexibility and recovery. All areas will be assessed and addressed in our detailed programming including nutrition.
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Olympic Weightlifting Seminars
Full Day Intensive Seminar
Caleb and Kelly, both National Champions and International Level Olympic Weightlifters, are offering Intensive, Instructional Seminars on the Olympic Lifts!
Caleb and Kelly come to your box and host an In-House Intensive 1 Day Seminar at your location for you, trainers, and clients. This intensive seminar is a full 6.5 hours long and you will leave with a whole new knowledge about the training, techniques and usage of the Oly Lifts as they apply to each individual, training and WOD’s. Content is customized to the needs of your attendees.
We offer this seminar for 6-20 participants to keep the ratio of coach-athlete low to ensure the best possible individual learning environment and tons of hands on attention. You will also leave with a portfolio with all the information learned and more so you are able to retain everything learned throughout the day! The Intensive Seminars have produced incredible feedback and results. This is extremely affordable PLUS we donate a portion of all proceeds back to your box!
Hands-On Workshops
Caleb and Kelly also offer Hands-on Workshops at their location in Buford, GA or yours. These are held for 3-6 individuals, cover everything you need to know to improve your technique, fix technical problems, become more efficient and confident with the oly lifts and how to incorporate them into your training. It is low cost and lasts a full 3 hours with tons of hands on attention.
What are attendees saying about the Seminars?
It was such pleasure to be coached by Kelly and Caleb. The reference portfolio they put together for us is awsome and has already been great in refreshing my memory M.T.
Thanks for the tailored Instruction! It was awesome!! J.J.
Thank you Caleb and Kelly for the Incredible Instruction. M.H.
Anyone else reading this. If you have a chance to go to a seminar by Caleb Williams, do it. He is a freak and can explain and coach like no other. Definatley worth every penny.– A.C
Olympic Weightlifting Training
Caleb and Kelly offer 1-1 and small group training sessions for anyone with a desire to improve their technique on the Oly Lifts and want to understand the mechanics and how to troubleshoot technical problems. Doesn’t matter if you are a competitive weightlifter or a crossfitter with a desire to improve your oly lifts, this is for you.
Peak Performance Weightlifting is also a registered Club under USA Weightlifting. We have a competition team that competes in the area a various tournaments throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the PPW Weightlifting Team let us know!
Personal Training
PPW offers Personal Training as well through all of our staff. We take on clientele with a wide variety of goals, ability levels and special needs. Your custom tailored program will assure that you meet your goals by assessing your needs and attacking your weak areas. All areas will be addressed through your program including muscle tone, improved daily function, flexibility, nutrition and more!
Email with your desired goals to get more info!
Online Weightlifting Coaching
Caleb and Kelly are offering a very limited number of online coaching spots. This fully comprehensive program will be focused on improving your performance in the Olympic Lifts (Snatch/Clean and Jerk). It is available to anyone with a desire to improve their lifts….weightlifter, crossfitter or otherwise.
 You will receive daily training programs designed for your needs and weaknesses and to mesh into any other training protocol. You will also have regular video analysis so you can consistently improve on your technique as well as have access to Caleb and Kelly for whatever needs you may have. If all slots are currently filled you can be placed on the waiting list on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
To find out if there is room available in the Online Coaching Program email

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Post-Workout Recovery

Post-Workout Recovery

Minimizes muscle soreness after strenuous activity ♦ Optimizes Muscle Recovery ♦ Maintains & Restores energy supplies during and after exercise ♦ Contains BCAA's for muscle recovery, growth and endurance




Anyone else reading this. If you have a chance to go to a seminar by Caleb Williams, do it. He is a freak and can explain and coach like no other. Definatley worth every penny.

Alex Campbell, High School Strength Coach

 Caleb has changed my life

Josiah Connell, Collins Hill Wrestling


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